Tuesday, December 14, 2004

And if you want me/I'm just a crosshair/I'm just a shot away from you

Ladies, gentleman, boys girls of all ages. I'm tired. I've been working working working day and night, OW! Sorry. But a dubloon to the man (or woman =)) who can tell what song I'm quoting and which artist did it. Anyway, while working at um. . .work last night, I wrote a few poems. Here's a couple I wrote.

Don't let them see you bleed,
don't let them see you cry.
Laugh at their machinations,
laugh until you die.

Don't let them win,
Make sure they don't control you,
and if they don't lose in the end,
don't let them console you.

You've got a message,
they will tell you its all a lie.
A thought so treacherous,
a false good that's missing an eye.

I've got to run now,
I hope you somehow survive.
No I'm not sure how,
But somehow we'll all stay alive.

And here's the next:

You're a failure, nobody wants you,
You'll go to the grave, a human monster.
What can you do, do about it?
Just put it out your head, forget about it.
Uninflate your dreams, they never mattered,
Drown all your hopes, you've never mattered.
The time you've wasted, its not coming back.
You're not welcome, so why don't you pack?
Take all your things, and be sure to leave,
Make all your promises, they're all so empty.
Just like you, so quit before you start.
Another mistake, just might crush your heart.
You've got questions? Well no one asked you.
You've got answers? Well no one asked you!
Why can't you be, more like someone else?
Why can't you be, anyone but yourself.
You should hate yourself, every else does.
Now be on your way, you just a once-was.

Talking To A Brick - The Cooper Temple Clause

My mood?

Don't let them console you.

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