Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I know what you're thinking/this boat is sinking/and I want off/how could something so soft/be so hard/to push away?

I feel horrible. Probably because I've been out in the rain the past few mornings, and I've developed what feels like a allergic reaction to someone's carpet. Oh yeah, that's right, I did sleep on someone's carpet, which made me congested. Then again, it was my fault for being there, and this person was kind enough to extend hospitality to me instead of making me sleep in the car. So I really can't blame him for my predicament. Either way, I've been sleeping and drinking tea (ugh. . .I feel old) in hopes that my nasal passages shall open up and I shall breathe easily once more. I think I have to work tonight. I really can't remember if I do or not. Where's the Earl Grey?

My mood?

Stupid allergies. . .

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