Friday, April 08, 2005

Its Friday, hey hey its Friday, and I just got paid. Going cross town, going to pick up my lady, have a little bit of fun, ow well, there's no telling where I might end up. I might on the west side, the east side, I'm even going cross the bridge ya'll, cause I, cause I hear they really get down over there

SO here's what I'm trying to get going. As usual, I see something cool, I take it, I use it, but I add my own weird, and somewhat strange, twist to it. The next thing to be Javannized as I like to call it, is a photo blog. As was mentioned in the previous post, I got a new phone. A new camera phone. And now I shall sally forth throughout the globe (well really just Huntsville) and take the best pictures I know how. You can find them here. Of course, I've not gotten those pictures uploaded yet, but when I do. . .I tell you. . .it will be cool and happening.

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