Friday, April 15, 2005

Friday! Yes, thank you weekend! Take away the everyday cares of this bane we call a work week!

If you can't tell, I've had it. So here's a short story of Javann's weekly exploits.

I was out on a route in the south side of town. I was working with a guy named Bruce, who is a nice guy from what I can tell, just older and quite set in his ways. We talked quite a bit, and I guess my general respect for those older than me made him feel talkative, so we ended up talking quite a bit. But that's beyond my point at the moment. So here we are in some residential part of Huntsville, up on Green "Hill" (because Jerm says there are no mountains here in Huntsville), and he hands me a package to drop off. So of course realizing that there are serious time constraints pressed upon us, I dash off (well. . .dash for me) to place the package of the porch. All goes well there, and I turn around to go back. Feeling quite good, I continue jogging at a fast pace up to the truck. So here's where things get interesting.

First you have to understand how I physically match up against the truck. It is large and metal. I am also large, though not as large as a truck by no means, and not metal. In a street fight, I'd win, if I could get it to run out of fuel.

Seriously though, what I mean is that the first step is about where the halfway point is on my shin, and the seat is chest level for me, when I'm on the ground. So, I jog up and attempt to hop up into the already open door. My right foot, being as stable as iridium, slips off the first step. This caused me to bruise my shin. Inertia took over from there. Without rising high enough to miss hitting the seat, my chest slammed into the seat. I made some weird sound that was one of surprise and ouch. Like. . .OOOUUFF! I stumbled back a bit, and that was that. You had to be there, I guess. . .I laughed, called myself clumsy, Bruce swore to never tell, and I informed him that it would probably make its way to my blog. Then I explained a blog. . .and then I explained the internet. . .and text messaging. . .and a few other things.

Anyway, have a great weekend!

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