Thursday, April 07, 2005

Also, I just got a new phone. Rejoice with me. It was kinda expensive, so it really isn't worth that much rejoicing. But here's a interesting story.

So I just got this new phone, and I ask, well can I transfer my ringtones, wallpaper, and games over to my new phone? And the guy at the counter is like, you can transfer your numbers. And I'm like, yeah, that's great, but what about my stuff? And he was like is it on the sim card. I asked him, can I put it on the sim card? He stops for a second, then he says, no. So I ask, Then, why did you ask me that? Silence. He doesn't say anything. I realize at this point, he's a smart aleck. Fine with me, so am I, and I shall have the last word, last laugh, whatever. So he asks me if I know how to transfer my numbers over. Of course, I do, but I want to embarrass him a bit, so I say there's no way you can do this on my phone. He looks at me with this superior tech support look on his face, and asks why. I was like, I don't think you know enough about it. Again, the arrogant look. I'm loving it really, so I hand him my phone and he sets about to prove me wrong. People who know me, and have seen my phone should know why I said he couldn't do it. All of the menus on my phone are (well were) in Spanish. All of them. My guess is he can't speak Spanish. I'm right. He looks up at me, and says, this isn't English. I look back at him and say, I know. He hands me the phone back, and I say, I'll get it later. Yes, totally pointless victory for the J man.

I know its lame, but here's the point. Due to foolishness like that, (all foolishness on my part I might add) I had to transfer my numbers over myself. And guess what? I messed up. All my numbers? Gone. Except for a few people that I remember, and a few people that sent me text messages in my old phone. So if you have my number (it hasn't changed) and you want me to have your number, please text message me, or call me, so I can get it. Why? Because, I'm an idiot.


Grace said...

Hello, Son! Just wanted to say hey!

Anonymous said...

i like you javann. you are an idoit, but you admit it and laugh at yourself. most people aren't that way... you do shock me sometimes but you somehow redeem yourself in the end. you remind me of someone i once knew and well, no one had the patience for him i couldn't understand why; he never bothered me

keep up the idiocy...and redemption;)


Itzjerm said...


Will you ever learn? And then after stuff like this you question. Why do people think I'm mean? OK, maybe if I was there he would have set me off to I dunno, so I can't say much.

But one thing is for sure, you are a victim of yourself.

Oh and HAHAHAH, your mom said hello.

Sugar Bear said...

You have lost your mind. Really needed a good laugh today. Thanks