Saturday, April 23, 2005

The kid is back. That's right. Javann Lamar Jones, the ultimate in blogging power has returned. He's large, in charge and quite tan from his trip to Florida. Well, as tan as a black guy gets when he goes outside. So what's the haps? Well, Florida was pretty incredible, check out the photo blog to see the quote unquote highlights of the trip.

So while I was down in Florida, I was amazed at the raw natural splendor down there. It was amazing to see actually, just amazing. I've never seen such a beautiful place. Every morning, I walk out onto the balcony of my hotel and just stand there drinking Sierra Mist in my um. . .pajamas.

Of course, things like that make me feel introspective, and I had a lot of time to examine my personality. I've become a good deal more reserved than I realized, it was pretty scary, and I've now resolved to not be so reserved. There are a lot of thoughts I have that should seriously be spoken. So I'll try to do more of that.

On the plus side, I passed my courier class (which is why I went to Florida) and now I begin to deliver packages in earnest. Well, Tuesday, I begin to deliver packages in earnest. How much fun does that sound like? Either way, this little part of my life is over with (thank goodness) and now we can settle down and figure out how to move to Florida. . .well, maybe.


Jonathan said...

You could move to Jacksonville with Tony. He'd probably welcome the company.

Javann said...

With Tony the Ferrarro? No, sorry, he's way too normal for me.