Monday, April 18, 2005

Well Javann is living it up in Florida this week. OK not really, he's just working. But while he is away... lets talk... talk about Javann... Just Kidding.

But hmm Javann is a lover of words. So are there any words you like... like in the sense of how it sounds. Not really what is means. Like Tre likes the word diarrhea. Its a gross word, but if you can just think of the word itself, well it is a unique word. Thats for certain.

Me? I like onomonpoeia. (what would that be uh? A big word yeah.)

Whats ur choice of word?


Anonymous said...

fun! i was just thinking this morning how much i liked this word :)

décolleté...prounounce dec la tay (or something like that)


Itzjerm said...

hmm interesting never heard that word... had to look it up.

Jonathan said...

I kinda like anathema... and loquacious.

Anonymous said...

i like law-fond-ah