Wednesday, April 07, 2004

It ain't easy being green. . .ask Kermit. Right now I'm staring down the barrel of the loaded shotgun that is the closing tests of the semester. There are two attitudes I could take, both of which require way more self destruction than I personally care to engage in. First I can confidently sit back and assume that since I've done well all during the semester completely messing up on these tests mean nothing. Of course, there's the extreme, where you kill yourself trying to pass these tests so as to not throw away all the work you put in this semester. I'm somewhere in the middle, really leaning towards the latter option, since I'm studying right now. Or at least I've got the books opened and the mindset going, since honestly, it'd be hard to study and type in my blog at the same time. Not to worry, I've still got another hour or so of good study time, or at least I'll have 45 minutes once I finish this. So what happened this weekend? Everything that I did of course. And that's the extent of my wrap up, if I had time to embellish details (that sounds like I'd be making them up doesn't it) I would, but since, as I just mentioned, there's two tests waiting to thwart my progress in this semester, I probably should be a bit more about my business, so I won't flunk. Because we all know that flunking would be be bad. Flunking is really just funk with an l and an -ing. And while I do enjoy the funky music, I don't enjoy flunking, or being a flunky. Maybe that was a bad analogy, so I'll just say this, I really really really really really want to pass these tests. So I've got to put in the work for them, yes I know. So off I go.
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