Friday, April 02, 2004

Its creative writing Friday. Actually its not, I just feel like sharing. Okay here ya go!

She said I'm like no other,
a genunine soul brother,
she knows what makes me smile,
and all the while,
she stays in style,
completely drives me wild.
Makes me want to go the extra mile.
The extra century, she could be my only,
and just the thought of her makes me lonely.
I'm more than love sick,
I'm ill cause her love is sick.
She keeps my life so strict,
I'm so glad I'm the one she picked.
The happiness in my heart,
has been here from the very start.
Even if she got old and ugly,
or she told me she'd never loved me.
I'd still try to make her feel good,
Cause she just makes me feel good.

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