Friday, April 30, 2004

So here I am with nothing but my chicken dinner and a steak knife. Indeed. After yet another long night of video editing, I've got a video which can't be beat. I say it can't be beat because I doubt there's a rival video out there, but if there is I've got some slick production values that are bound to make all the other videos out there green with envy. Greener than this page, and perhaps greener than even the hulk himself. Arrruuugh? By now I've piqued your interest, and I'm sure that you're at the edge of your seat dying to see this video of Javann's well, I'm happy to say, NO video for you! You will not see this video because you aren't cool enough to. . .wait, you're very cool because you're sitting here reading the greatness that is Javann. So I'll tell the truth and say I'm not very cool because I don't have the space, the webspace that is to be able to show this incredibly incredible video to you. If there is someone out there with the type of webspace to host say, a 33 MB video. . .then again. . .actually. . .never mind that's a huge type of video. If you want to see this masterful masterpiece (yeah I sound like the announcer from Batman) chances are you'll have to come to my location, or I to yours and we'll be sure to watch it. Either way, I've still got a two page paper to go with it that I've not done yet, so I'll be on my way.

My mood?

What do you mean I need sleep?

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