Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Yep. If you've not noticed I have been updating the blog regularly. Every Wednesday and Friday. Don't worry, you'll get everyday goodness (at least every week day goodness) right back at you soon enough, just let me get past some of these finals. I'd say something like, I should studying right now, but I'm really tired. Really really tired. From what? I can't sleep. Everything seems to want to be thought about right at the same time. I think I should first explain Friday's post. Call it artistic call it an eyesore, I call it creative. I also call it never to be done again. That was a horrid little piece of literary patheticness, and thank goodness some people actually took the time to read it. I'm proud of you few who struggled to understand the greatness that is Javann. As for the rest of you, well I'm not proud of you. Go cry in your endless guilt and shame. So what's been happening? Well Tuesday was the last day of class, though really for me it was Monday since I don't have any Tuesday classes. Finals are soon to be upon us, a time period when your entire semeseter rides on your remembering it. Needless to say, yours truly is less than enthusiastic, seeing how I do well to remember my name much less an entire semester of remembering my name. If my toes weren't attached to my foot, I'd lose my shoe all the time. Exactly, I forgot the punchline of that joke. Anyway, I've also been having bouts of insomnia, some nights I'm doing well to be sleeping at all much less seven to eight hours that every human needs. One of these days I will learn what it takes to go to bed at 9 or 10'oclock and not wake up at 2 sweating and unable to go back to sleep. I've also been building a list of music for a party, and I'll take all the help I can get. Leave your ideas for what you'd want to dance to at a party. I owe someone something or other. . .oh yeah. . .right. . . I forgot. Lets call this a day.
My mood?

Hulk smash or something. . .Hulk forget really.

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