Wednesday, April 21, 2004

So I'm still working on my 5-7 page cultural analysis. Its on a music video, All Falls Down in fact, and to tell the truth the thing is going slowly. I've not had time to do much other than work on it, though I did write some stuff last night. And of course, since I'm pressed for time, I'm just leaving this and running. Sorry, kids and kidettes. I suggest you check out That way when it blowuptuates you can say you were down before anyone else was. So anyway, here's what I wrote.

You're everything I already knew,
like some part of me
Broke away and it became you,
because you know me.
When you talk I hear my voice too,
you've become me.
So much you know what I'll do
so completely.
I know I said I'd die for you
do you believe me?
When I say I can't live for you,
just trust me.
I'll definitely be the one for you
and you for me.
Together between us two,
you'll be me.

And here's another:

At night I sit and wonder if I'm sane,
there's got to be an imbalance in my brain.
I see people and I hear their voices.
All of them try to influence my choices.
Constantly talking telling me what to do,
nothing destructive, constructive like you.
Even if I'm alone, I'm caught into a zone,
this twilight car ride isn't taking me home.
I'd click my heels at the drop of a dime,
if some old lady would just give me a sign.
I could be fine,
back home with my aunt and her slaves.
decorating their graves
in glorious technicolor
blues blacks and reds
how did they all end up dead?

My mood?

That car looks mighty familiar. . .

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