Friday, June 04, 2004

Why are the small claims court shows so popular? Judge Judy, Judge Mills Lane, Judge Joe Brown, The People's Court, Texas Justice, Divorce Court, Judge Amy Hatchett, and the list probably continues. Nothing sickens me more than having to watch people argue and backbite each other on TV. If I wanted to see that, I'd just watch the Real World. Which is another popular show that I don't get. Its stupid. . .its just a bunch of whiny kids not getting along, or trying to get along way more than the censors on TV will allow. This isn't the "real world". I don't see them getting up and working out but never losing weight, or binge eating and then vomiting into the toilet. You never see them get kicked out of the house because they can't pay their rent, and then having to live on the street and beg for money as they try to keep their alcoholic habits funded. You never see them in a pair of cut off gloves, in several coats, drinking a bottle of 50/50 trying to stay warm in the cold. That's the real world. How come none of them ever get robbed, or mugged, or shot, or harassed by the police. You know why? Because its not the real world. They should really just cut to the chase and tell us that its just a bottled fantasy of some over-aged director who thinks he knows what young people want to watch. Of course, he must know something, because a ton of people watch that show. I guess what I'm saying is, even reality TV isn't very real. If reality TV were as real as it claims to be, no one would watch it because it would sad, depressing, and filled with boring moments.

On other notes (and yes this is actually another paragraph) I guess I should say sorry for not updating, I know how much this blog means to you(snicker). . .I'll do what I can to update it.

My mood?

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