Friday, November 19, 2004

Honesty isn't my best quality/I can't promise I'm perfect/without defect/but I can promise I'm me/and if that's more than what I should be/maybe you should apologize

Well, yep, its me. I'm in a bit of a. . .writer's block would it be? I've not got a problem writing, by any means, but what I've been writing hasn't been of the lets share it with the masses variety of stuff. So maybe I should just dig out a few things I've written in the past, eh? If that sounds good to you, just keep reading. For the rest of you, well, there's always the mp3 for entertaining satisfaction.

So here's something from a while back:

I'm so self-important,
its like I was imported,
into this world just to be,
the person I am, you know me,
here to tell everyone they're wrong,
are you conceited? Well not for long.
I'm not going to let you ruin my reputation,
because being seen with you
isn't what most call cool,
does that equate your computation?
Not to talk to down,
but understand me, this isn't your town.
You're visiting, go ahead look around,
everyone comes here to see me,
what did you think they came to see?
I'm the greatest there ever was,
don't believe? He does,
and he's the one who counts.
Just like a gazelle after the lion pounce,
I'm the only reason for going out.
Being this awesome is kinda hard,
because I constantly have to stay on guard,
to make sure people like you don't bring me down.

Yeah I know. I'm not conceited, I'm everything I say I am. Hahahahahah. . .sorry, not sure what made me write that one. I think I was making fun of someone else who acted like that. Ah, well on to the next!

I live in a digital world.
Are you a digital girl?
I got my vision from Pearl,
and I don't like what I see.
Why are you over there looking at me?
Think that you might be hooking with me?
I won't take the bait,
because I can't relate to being your mate.
That just ain't my fate.
You think that you know me,
but what do you really know?
Why did you even show me,
if I seemed to slow?
Or did you learn to grow
I hate to seem pushy or ignorant,
but its not insignificant.
Let me step back and be original.
I may seem analog but I'm really digital

Definitely shorter than the last one. That's a plus. This is actually about someone that I didn't date. Can you tell from the poem? Actually, I'm breaking Javann's rule number one, and that's Never admit that a poem you wrote is about actual people or actual feelings. No good generally comes from that, but I've admitted that this was about someone already, so I might as well tell the world. Right? Nah. Anyway, next!

I don't like you, you don't like me,
so lets dispense with the pleasantries,
clear the air of the fake smiles,
the laughs, the jokes, the comments on style.
Its obvious we can never be friends,
because we both know it all depends,
on who's willing to go the extra mile,
and the only place I'm going for you is away,
to the other side of the room,
go brighten somebody else's day.
I don't have time to condition my face,
to make my mind embrace,
your weak attempt to conversate.
Aww, you don't like me, should i be hurt?
Should I feel like this little thing won't work?
Too late, I hate you more than you hate me
And no matter how much you may berate me
behind closed doors to your peers,
friends and associates, its clear,
that you've got nothing better to do
then to reciprocate the feelings of I-hate-you.
If I saw you fall down in the desert alone,
I'd just keep walking till I got to your home,
break your air condition, cut off your water,
bash the refrigerator, and take all your ice cubes,
take all your drinks, and your frozen foods,
and then I'd help you get home,
and when you thought I'd left you alone,
I'd be watching hoping to see your frustration,
at not being able to solve your dehydration,
then I'd bring over a glass and drink,
in front of your face, just to make you think.
Think about your hate, let it fill your heart,
think about how much you want to tear me apart,
how much you wish you could make me cry,
think about how glad you'll be when you see me die.
Then stop, and realize what you've become,
Because with your hate, you and I become one.

I've posted this one before, its just so deliciously mean, I have to repost it again. This really wasn't about anyone, just me trying to do something other than my normal soft, "I'm-so-in-love" poetry. Blech. . .I guess. Anyway, here's another in this quickly becoming long post.

Dragons, fire, loose ends and cobblers,
cobble stone, fixed shoes, limp legs and hobblers,
Peaches and apples, bananas and half eaten pears,
Them they we and drains clogged with hairs,
Conspiracies, hatred, coups, and Bonnevilles,
strong weak overly unique and sunny villes.
Hunger oppression dictionaries and explanations,
Implicit egos intricacies underdeveloped nations,
third first last in between acts and scenes,
You me together happy in aspects of dreams,
prepositions turtle necks time cards and checks
phrases heads necks trucks cars and mental wrecks,
cream coffee sugar additives preservatives,
carbonation quotes contents and absurdities,
rhymes mixes drinks phones braces rudeness
unclean unwashed bad taste and pollutedness,
fame change money power wealth and vanity
privacy stability happiness and all my sanity
warm enjoyment forever together with friends
beginning conclusion incredible delusion the end.

And that'll be the last one. Thoughts on this one? Uh. . .its uh. . .from Javann's "abstract" period.

Mp3? Sure!
End It On This - No Doubt
Not the best from the Tragic Kingdom album, but still an awesome song. Good intro, nice incorporation of the piano, and it actually sounds like Gwen's trying to sing here and not just howl melodically. That makes for some grade A music.
My mood?

Does that look like the mask or what?

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