Tuesday, November 30, 2004

You'll make us want to die/I'd cut your name in my heart/We'll destroy this world for you/I know you want me to feel your pain

I finally know what a popsicle feels like. They say difficulty builds character. Well today was definitely the most character building day I've had cross guarding, safety patrolling, whatever. I'd like to complain about it being cold, but after reading about Jerm's trip of doom, I can't really complain too bad about that. It was cold, rainy, and windy, and that officially made my day a tad bit worse, but at least I got to get into the car after about an hour of being in that. Imagine being outside in worse, and for several days. Aye.

I'm stoked. Very stoked. I get to see Muse. That's right, Muse. To those of you who don't know Muse, I say, you losers! For the rest of you cool people, I say, isn't this awesome. But for those who don't know Muse, I'll do a replay on my favorite Muse song. I call it a replay because I posted it before. I've been known to quote it on occasion as well. So here it is:
Plug In Baby - Muse
Why do I like this song so much? I have no idea, but everytime to the chorus rolls around, I'm shouting this song at the top of my lungs. Doesn't really matter where I am, work, walking to class, eating lunch, half sleep in my bedroom, if I hear this song, I will sing along. Anyway, I'm going to go finish my laundry. Wash em up, wring em out, then I throw em in the dryer

My mood?

Just hitching a ride. . . =)

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