Monday, November 01, 2004

I've never been too proud/of everything I've had before

What happens when the thoughts,
stop coming for the last time?
When you can no longer rhyme?
When you're perfect world just stops?

What happens when nobody listens anymore?
When every word you have to say,
is basically so eventually it'll pay,
to be different from those cold on the floor?

Where do you go when your time is over?
When no one wants see you succeed?
When everyone just wants to see you bleed?
When intoxication is always better than being sober?

What happens when you see the world,
and realize that its worse that cold,
its a place where only the dead get old,
and even the best plans are unfurled?

When its time to leave you can't be saved.
Reach out for anything that doesn't hurt,
anyone who isn't concerned enough to be curt,
Consistent words that won't remain engraved.

Awesome song. To me at least.
Better Living Through Chemistry - Queens of the Stone Age

My mood?

Typical Monday.

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