Monday, October 18, 2004

after your disbelief fades/into lovely grey shades/and the madness infects your very veins/after you turn into the monsters you spurned/who'll be there to love what you once were/more than what you've become?

Undoubtedly a good weekend. A really good weekend. But I'm tired. Very much so. A lot happened, but most importantly, Tremaine gave his public talk. I'll be the first to say that it was indeed good, and the last to defend that statement. Amazingly enough, he didn't dethrone me in attendance, but in all honesty, quality frequently prevails over quantity. And I had quantity and quality. Thusly, he'll never win that regards. But of course I kid, I kid. Either way, now Danny's the next one to face the forty-five minute monster. And a monster it is. Take note of the "lyrical" opening at the beginning of today's entry. I wrote that. I'm sure someday I'll finish it. Much like someday I'll finish expelling glass from the scar in my arm. Indeed.

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