Friday, October 22, 2004

So wear your idiot marks like a badge of shame

Man its Friday already? Sorry to disappoint all my loyal readers (all two of them) and have an off week, but I'm all about getting back into the groove of things if you will. Either way, I have to work (its okay, you can cry along with me) so this is obviously short. I promise to post this weekend. I gotta short story that won't leave my head till I've either been knocked unconscious or until I write it down. Title? I don't do those. Too much form and substance. I'm all about pointlessness. I'm all about a lot of things, because there's a lot of things that I'm all about. Right. So carry on if you will.

My mood?

I dislike many things, but Oprah is high on the list. Very high.

Breaking Up - Magna-fi
One of the few songs by Magna-fi worth mentioning. Anyway, here ya go!

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