Monday, October 04, 2004

The Incushow was a triumph. It still wasn't as good as the Morning View show, but the band was extremely on last night. I didn't hear one, 1, a single mistake. Not one. Not a wrong note or a voice crack. That in itself is amazing to me and gets them some points. So even tough the set list was lacking a bit, it was an amazing thing to see notwithstanding. Speaking of set lists:

Nice to Know You
Idiot Box
Wish You Were Here
Just a Phase
Stellar (which went into a Do Do Do Da Da Da cover in the middle)
Beware Criminal
Here in My Room
Vitamin (into the...)
Drum Jam (which, in turn, leads to...)
Everything is Dead (which was excellent)
Talk Shows on Mute
I Miss You
Made For TV Movie
Sick Sad Little World
Southern Girl
Under My Umbrella

While the set list was based largely off the new album, thankfully they stuck to the good new songs like Priceless and Beware! Criminal. They played this new lounge version of Drive where Mike was playing the piano which was interesting and, to me, a lot darker than any other version I've heard. Set wise, everything was predictable and there was only was really huge surprise. I wasn't expecting to hear much old stuff. I wish they would’ve done Circles though, cause I love that song and love hearing it live, but they made up for that by playing freakin Under My Umbrella cause that's a rarity and a really awesome song (that was the huge surprise). I've never heard a live version of it ever - not even a bootleg and I've looked hardcore, too - and always wanted to hear it live, so it was cool to finally get to it in all its glory. It was a closer for the real fans, definitely.

Other highlights were Idiot Box, Sick Sad Little World and Priceless. Good stuff. So now I’m off to try and recoup. The floor is a vicious place indeed.

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