Friday, October 01, 2004

And you took me away, and you took me away, and you took me away

So ladies and gents, what's the haps. This'll be shorter than normal because its Friday. There's nothing better, literally. As you can see in the comments, Failed Day is being planned again, and soon it shall be an event to witness. I'm all about getting in where its at this time around since last time I didn't even remotely get in where I fit in. But I rarely fit in anywhere. Speaking of which, my first official school holiday is coming up, for my crossing guard job, and not for my actual schooling. Which means I'll be living the good life. Or maybe I'll be wishing I was living the good life, since I'll reall just be living. Also for all you hep cats out there, my talk is quickly approaching, mark your calendars, October 10th is upon us! I feel sick. Or something.

So today, I got an email from Apparently they're featuring me in a "200 Best Poets" book that they're releasing. I'd say I feel honored but I don't even get a copy of the book for free. That's right, yours truly has to pay to read is own stuff. Well, at least on paper. But don't worry chicos and chicas you can still read a few of my favorite poems. Here's the highlights from my years. (With author's notes after each one! Don't you feel special?)

I Don't Accept Challenges
You know what they say,
whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger,
and only one of us will be stronger today.
You messed up and got in my way,
now you're going to get left in my wake.
Welcome to my world of mistakes,
everyone who says these are the breaks,
haven't seen your bones in two minutes.
Now that this fight is beginning,
I can tell you the ending,
its you on the ground with less blood,
while you wasted your time on love,
I waste the lives of others,
put tears in the eyes of their mothers.
Maybe you haven't had time to ask around,
but the last challenger is still in the ground.
Still want to get down?
(So this is bascially me when I'm angry and I want to release said anger, and since I can't really justify going out and beating up the object of my anger, here's the poem that gets written instead. Ah, sweet release.)

The Black Goddess
you're a black goddess,
yet modest, the girl of my dreams,
let me know you a little better,
if you know what I mean,
i won't impress you with cheddar,
cash or my cream,
I just want your intellect shining on me,
reclining on me, you got me feeling complete,
from my brain to my feet, whenever we meet,
I want you to understand,
I've already planned,
to meet your demands, whenever I can,
with the wave of my hand,
just call me your man
(Isn't this pretty obvious? NEXT!!)

What Is Love Like?
Its like the time
when it was night and you were there
and I was there.
And there seemed to be no care
not a worry or anxiety in the world.
Just you and me, a boy and a girl.
And as we stared at the stars,
heavenly bodies intertwined like ours,
I realized I could reach up and touch them.
I pulled down the sky and wrapped you in it,
just so that for those seconds, that minute,
the lovely met the divine,
and I thought it must be a sign,
a sign that love is what it should be.
Love is sometimes what we can see
and sometimes what we feel,
and it all seemed surreal
and yet so real
I could touch you both, again. . .
(Just when you thought metaphors, imagery, pointless romanticism and symbolism were dead. . .)

If I Thought What You Did, Would We Ever See Eye To Eye?
everything doesn't have to be about me.
if it were my life would be a casualty,
to casualness and self worship.
don't misconstrue, everything i do
because whenever my tongue slips
the things i say don't come from me.
at least not specifically.
if i know what best for me
i'll forever be, in love unhappily
right now i'm alone but not alone
simply because i can't condone
allowing myself to commit homicide
to myself also known as suicide
i'd like to imagine my life as eventually
instead of perpetually
but still i imagine its not changed
since i became estranged, i guess i'm strange
and if love doesn't come for free,
i'm sure it'll come to me
for a fee.
(And for the finale, and bit of teen angst.)

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