Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Wash em up, wring em out/then I throw em in the dryer

Yeah, I'm doing laundry. Thus the laundry reference. As usual my days are passing by way too quickly, and sometimes, well sometimes I don't even remember what it was that I was thinking in the first place. I guess that's just the way things go, when you really aren't that great at much. Anyway, I know there was a dead period between now and Friday, but if it makes you feel any better its really because nothing happened. Well not just really. Its been mostly lots of introspection and attempts at "bettering" myself. I put that in quotation marks because in all honesty, its laughable to believe that I could be better. No, I'm not saying that I'm great, but I doubt that I can improve myself to a point that I wouldn't be imperfect, and since I have that particular monkey on my back, obviously I'll never completely be an improvement over what I once was. Anyway, what I've noticed is how I have dislikes. Sure everyone has dislikes, but the difference is that I have dislikes that I feel so strongly about that I actually find myself disgusted with people. Last night, I was at work and a lady threw away a Sprite. Big deal right? Well she only drank half of it. And for some reason I found myself thinking that the fact that she wasted a half a can of Sprite by not drinking it was so disrespectful and wasteful that I literally didn't like that lady. In fact she disgusted me. But in all honesty, it was her Sprite, and besides is it really wasteful to not drink something that you don't want? How many times have I emptied glasses, bottles, cans, plates, or otherwise because I didn't want to be wasteful, and not because I was thirsty or hungry. Wouldn't I still be as wasteful, and even worse than the lady who threw away because in doing so in some small way its gluttony. Maybe she's on a diet? Maybe she just doesn't want to ingest that much sugar that late at night? Who knows? But who am I to judge her entire being on that one act? And apparently I do that a lot. Its scary to think that considering how long my list of dislikes is, not too mention how much more strongly I feel about them compared to this particular one. In closing, I think I'd well to remember that I'm not perfect, not as an excuse for me, but maybe as an excuse, or reason I should say, for not judging others based upon one action, especially those that aren't indicative of who they are in the first place.

Which brings us to the sound of the day. Its a nice reprieve from my normal rock and R&B offerings. This is what I'd term as being trip-hop, but I'm sure someone will call it drum and bass, but I think calling it electronica wouldn't be too far off the beating path. The first time I heard this was on a CD that Jeremy let me borrow. It was a two disc set, one that introduced to Portishead, and Fatboy's Slim non video game side. Not to mention Prodigy. This CD was one that I remember me and Jeremy listening to on the way to a party, and somewhere in here, this song kind of stood out to me. It made me find more stuff by the group. Anyway, here it finally is:
Hive - Ultrasonic Sound

My mood?

Introspection. . .not exactly a good way to spend time at work.

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