Thursday, January 20, 2005

clouds are forming faces/and they laugh at me/strange desires/under friendly fire/but it's alright it still feels nice/it's taking me away/i'm seeking shelter from the pain/i'm holding on again/holding on again/seeking shelter from the pain

Yep. Not much to say here. Why? For starters its Friday morning. Like 1:30 in the morning and I've got to be up at about 6:00. Foolish? Yes. Worthwhile? Not really. Why? Because of my nap today. It was a good nap, don't get me wrong, but its responsible for my not being able to sleep right now. That and those three salmon burgers I ate. Oh you read that right. Salmon burgers. Fortunately, its not ground salmon. Even I couldn't stomach that from a purely aesthetic view point.

I mean, one of the best things about salmon is the texture. One of the best things about fish period is actually its texture. So to completely take that and murder it in the name of a burger, well, that's just silly. Overall though, it was quite good. Of course you should remember, I'm a bear. And as a bear, I like fish. And the fresher the fish, the more I like it. So if you're a bear, go after it. If not, well then you're not so don't bother.

Taking Me Away - The Tea Party

My mood?

No, no high fives, just respeck knuckles!

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