Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Then re-arrange and change things that's on your mind/Would you swallow like fine wine or peanut butter?/Would you holler that I'm live and ask another?/Or take no heat and run for cover

I have a theory. Well lets call it an hypothesis. My hypothesis is that no one calls attractive people stupid. Sure it sounds harsha and for some people it even sounds like its not even true, but in all actuallity, it is. As I illustrated to my mother, if you see an attractive person slamming his/her arm in the door, over and over again, you'd go over and help said person, making sure he/she understood why. If said person was ugly, you'd just point, laugh, and say "STUPID!" Its true. I know its true because I'm willing to admit that I'd do it. And I'm not that bad of a person. Attractive people get exceptions, its the rule. If you are a beautiful, or simply just an attractive, female, you will never get a speeding ticket because the cops are all males. They don't want to give some attractive young woman a ticket, because they're attractive. If you're a male or ugly, you've got tickets. Don't get me wrong, if you're a lady and you have a ticket, I'm not saying you're ugly. It may simply be that you didn't realize you had that type of power, or maybe you didn't want to use it, but to avoid the ticket, all you had to do was flirt and say you'd never do it again. Boom, no ticket. Doesn't work that way for guys, trust me. But attractive guys get extras when they go through lines for food or from waitresses or saleswomen. If you are attractive, you will get exceptions. Is it fair? No. But its the reason so many people are going under the knife to improve their looks. Because they want exceptions. They want to join the beautiful people in walking past ugly people and yelling stupid. That's the only explanation there can be.

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