Monday, January 31, 2005

We're just ordinary people/We don't know which way to go, yeah/'Cause we're just ordinary people/Maybe we should take it slow

Some weekend's just seriously can't even be measured. I've had one of those weekends. The things I have seen and done this weekend will very likely be indelibly printed into my mind. I really can't even type too much out. But man I gotta headache. And I'm tired. So this isn't going to be too impressive.

But this weekend, as I struggled to draw a face, I realized that first, I can't draw to save my life. Seriously. I also realized secondly, that beauty is very much symmetrical. I think I've touched on the thought of beauty tying into the fact that we as humans expect things that are beautiful, i.e. attractive, to be symmetrical. But I think its more than that. There's a lot more to beauty that say, symmetry. If that were the case, we'd fall in love with someone because they had pairs of what they should.

Case in point, I found a site where cheek augmentation is discussed, and of course with pictures. When I say "cheek augmentation", I mean synthetics or biologicals to augment, or make the malar and submalar structure of the face more prominent. According the site I read, this can give balance to an otherwise less defined face or further augment an already existent cheek structure. Yeah, I copied and pasted that. So what?

But when flipping through the photos, you'll see that just cheek augmentation does nothing. It takes a lot of cutting and snipping to get anything noticeable. So why do plastic surgery? To turn back time perhaps? Who knows.

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