Monday, June 14, 2004

After yet another hard day's work, our hero finds himself finally going to sleep right around 4:30. AM. That's right, I've been completely zonked out since about then, and finally have awaken with the intention of never staying at work that long again. I've never felt worse. Ah, well, all in a days work, I suppose. So what happened this weekend? I wouldn't know, because as I realized at work last night, I'm missing all the cool stuff that's happening on the weekends. I'm totally falling off. I'd try to continue caring but I'm really really tired right now.

But on another thought, I was thinking about some of the things I had heard about Jimi Hendrix, other than all the drug talk that surrounds him, mostly I was thinking that because Jerm and me were talking about whether or not he'd remember all those songs he did under the influence of drugs. Anyway, I was thinking about the fact that he single handedly started an entire sound on his own. Sure Chuck Berry was innovating music with electric guitars, but Jimi Hendrix took it to a whole other level. He lived at time when an electric guitar was meant to sound clean crisp, but altered that perception somewhat singlehandedly. Of course, someone else had to have had to do something similar, but not the extent that he did. Not to mention the fact that many other styles of music were blended with what he did. Also bear in mind that he didn't have the distortion pedals or the amps of today. I remember reading somewhere that Jimi Hendrix once took a pencil and punctured the speaker of his amp so it'd distort his guitar's notes more to his liking. Or maybe that was Jack White. . .anyway, the point is, he didn't have the technology that bands today have backing him, and still he found some way to make his brand of music, his own unique style. So here's the Jimi Hendrix song for today, despite the fact that a few people might not appreciate it. Notice several things: 1) He has several Motown elements in this song. The first is the chorus in the background, the second being the guitar being plucked along with the percussion's snare, something that can be heard in songs like Since I Lost My Baby by the Temptations, and in a few Four Tops songs. 2)The break down in the song, where Jimi's talents shine. I can't play a guitar, so I can't tell you this is an easy thing to do, but what I can tell you is that it fits the mood of the song pretty nicy. Its got a good trascendental quality to it, a surreal wah which he tops off with an interesting line "loneliness is such a. . .drag". There's other good points, but I'll stop my lecture for now and let you find them.
Burning of the Midnight Lamp
My mood?

Man, I'm tired. . .

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