Friday, June 11, 2004

So its Friday. I hope you're not expecting some deep thoughts from me. My unwritten rule is that Friday is not the day for deep thoughts. Though I was thinking about the concept of the blog and of the diary in general. Who first decided to write down their private thoughts and then post them for everyone's general consumption? I'm sure at some point, if you have a blog, you've found yourself backspacing because you didn't want to put your "business" all out in the open. I spend the majority of my time reading what I've written in my blog and being appalled that I got that introspective in such a public forum. Then again, in all honesty, I'm usually that open in all of my public forums, so I should have no problem with it right? I'm always shocked when people tell me they've been reading my site, and I'm also always shocked when I really don't know them. What does this site offer really? A look inside the head of some guy in Alabama. That's about it. Where's the voyeuristic pleasure in reading my thoughts? Not to sound sleazy (because that last sentence did) but why care what I think? I'm just another guy who apparently is self-important enough to think that someone would care what he thinks or says.

Anyway, I was cruising the web checking out other sites and I ran across the cool idea of sharing mp3's with people through the blog. After thinking through all the legal ramifications of it, I decided I'd take my chances of getting sued for passing out illegal contraband, and do it anyway. So here's the beginning of my demise. Of course, for this to be cool, I have to post music by good obscure bands. So be warned, this won't be cool for long.

This isn't anything that most of you haven't heard, just thought it'd make a cool first song. For those of you in the states, this band is from Canada, you should be aware of them. They're called the Tea Party. Here's a link to one of my favorite songs by them.
My mood?

Awestruck. . .

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