Monday, June 28, 2004

I'd bore you with my thoughts, but in all actuality, my thoughts aren't coherent right now. If you read this blog on a regular basis, you know how badly that can turn out. What happened this weekend? To encapsule the events would be to squeeze what seemed like forever into a single second. So to make it short and sweet, in an easy to swallow form, I didn't sleep much, I did way too much, but somehow ended up feeling like I didn't do enough. If you want a better recap than that, find me. I'll deny you the pleasure in person. HAHAHAH. . .ahem. Anyway, I'll be sure to apologize for that later. Right now I'll just blather pointlessly about the mp3 of the day.

So here's my song of the day. It reinforces my previous statements about Jimi Hendrix applying the Motown sound to his songs, and the two main elements I mentioned can be found in this song. Not to mention this group is so legendary, its shocking. They are still around, but like many old musicians, they've been relegated to singing the chitlin circuit. I guess I should say that the group is still around, since only one guy is still alive. If you saw the movie, you know they lost singer after singer to drugs, alcohol, and just plain old age. The movie is pretty good, I have it on VHS somewhere, but that's not the point. The point is, the group stayed talented for many years behind the voice of one man. David Ruffian. Of course, I'm talking about the Temptations. David Ruffian was a man who apparently didn't do much right in his life. All the songs he did well were basically him begging for forgiveness for everything he'd done wrong. No one begs and pleads like David Ruffian, nor strangely enough does anyone enunciate their words and phrases like David Ruffian. Its rather intriguing to me to hear his diction, he sounds like an old blues singer who doesn't slur his words. Well, at least to me. His voice, period, is so intense that whenever I listen to the songs he did the lead vocals for, I can feel exactly what he's saying. In a world drowning in uninspired hip-hop and processed emotionless R&B being passed off as the pacifying of the masses, its rare to hear songs which actually make you feel. . .well feel period. I rarely listen to a song that's out now that makes me stop and say, you know, that's how I feel. That says alot about the music itself, when it doesn't make you feel. Its so rare that today, I post two songs of such high quality. Are they the best by the Temptations? Of course not. I'm sure there are other songs they've sung that were better than these. But these should help you understand just how strong of a group they were. If only all R&B singers would take notes from this group. Ah well. . .

I Wish It Would Rain - The Temptations
All I Need - The Temptations

My mood?

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