Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Ah my incredible edible blog. Well, its not edible, but it sure is fun for everyone involved. Keeping that in mind, Wednesday finds us at a delectable brand of impasse. You see, I don't have much to say, nor do I have the desire to make something up. I had a thought last night but in all honesty, its not the best thought to share. What was it? Well, seeing how this really isn't a great thought to share, I'll do it anyway. Has that ever stopped me before? Nope. Last night, as I cruised the late night television in hopes of finding something entertaining enough to make me forget I couldn't sleep, when I stumbled upon the mighty informercial. What struck me about this particular infomercial, was the person who had lost all the weight with a particular machine was still pretty hefty, AND this person wasn't the normal attractive model type. She was ugly when she was fat, and she remained ugly as a less fat but still pretty big person. This got me to thinking, you know, just because you're fat and ugly, doesn't mean that being skinny will make you attractive. That's how slang terms like butterface got started. Because regardless of how attractive your body maybe, lets tell the truth, no one wants to stare or gaze into the eyes of a wildebeast. If you're an attractive gazelle from the neck down, that's all well and good, but if you're a warthog above the neck, just be warned, people will run away in fear. Of course, I doubt that I should be the one to talk, since I'm not the best looking person in the world. But I do know that if I lost a lot of weight, I'd be willing to get plastic surgery to reconstruct my face into something a little less hideous. Just to complete the look of course.

Now that I've proven my vanity and my shallowness is just under 400 words, lets move on shall we? There are some things that I hear as I listen to my mp3 player while working that makes me just stop, sit down, and listen to what I'm hearing. Sometimes I end up trying to imagine seeing what I'm hearing being played live, and that's when I drift off into my own little world where there is always a concert, and everybody knows my name, and they're glad that I came to hang out with the. But enough about my overactive imagination. I got this mp3 from a classmate who is very much into independent bands, especially those on the tooth and nail record label, which in case you've never heard of them include Starflyer 59 (though they recently dropped the 59) and Joy Electric (which is one man and not a band). Anyway, I never really listened to it, and I was burning a disc to try to make it through the night of hard physical labor, when I decided to throw it on the disc to finish it off and get it filled to capacity. So there I was listening to The Sea and Cake and at the end of the directory, it switched over to The Temptations, and I wasn't in a mood to hear them, especially after listening to The Sea and Cake, so I just opened up The Gloria Record folder, and started listening. And I was blown away by the drum patterns, the guitars, and the synthesizers blending and the overall stylings of the music. And lets just say, I'm not easily impressed. Okay, yes, I am, but this is still an awesome group, who'll get some minimum exposure here by me. Here's the first song I heard by them, and hopefully, not the last.
Good Morning Providence - The Gloria Record

My mood?

Laughing Out Loud. . .(wonder if she ever visits my site?)

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