Thursday, September 30, 2004

Allow me, if you will, to relate a humorous anecdote: once, there was this little guy. He was scrawny and sort of stupid and didn't know what he was doing, but he was really nice and cool notwithstanding. And then there was this big guy who was a very successful dude but was an idiot. And he was mean. And had a lot of enemies. So the little guy decided to try to screw with the big guy for kicks and giggles - for the entertainment of the little guy's and for everyone else's entertainment as well. The little guy desired to - since it was unrealistic to want to really try to bring down the big guy - maybe try to serve as a thorn in the big guy's side like a metaphysic of discomfort or something. You know. For the fun of everyone involved. Cause as we've already established, the big guy is really a jerk. The little guy was but a little guy, however. Thus, the little guy needs all the help and support he can be given.

The moral of the story: help us out with the Failed Day Festival. Learn about it here:

What should we do with the new Failed Day? Try to make a real festival? Might be fun... might be hard. Just play games with Field Day? Ideas? Bouybee?

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