Tuesday, September 30, 2003

So here I am in class, doing pretty much a whole lot of nothing. I guess I should be paying attention, but I really hope that my teacher doesn't walk around like he is now. Whoa. He almost realized I'm back here blogging. Sometimes I think he knows, he's on top of things. Well, today I go to court. To try take advantage of justice. Or just get a driving class. We're learning HTML now, which is pretty laughable, since I already know it. I kinda taught myself, being the genius I am. Really, I'm not a genius at all. Oh, don't try to use the comments, apparently some jerk has been adding scripts to the comments, and is attempting to download a little friend to your computer. This little friend will drop your friend. Well, I got attention to pay, so no huge thought for now. I'll be sure to do something great before work.

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