Thursday, September 25, 2003

So I just realized that there's not been much by the way of deep thoughts. I've not had many lately, well, yeah I have, just none that you'd want to hear. Of course, you shouldn't hear anything when you're reading my blog, so I guess I'll go into some of what i'm thinking. Lately, I've been seriously thinking about life. I know what the purpose is, but have you ever realized how much it forces you to have tunnel vision? When I drive by people on the street, talking and laughing, I just wish I could go there and be them, for the twenty seconds that i saw them. To experience their conversation, or even just their walk. Its like we all live in these tiny worlds, so self involved that we see people, but we really don't SEE them. That concept's touched upon in the book Invisible Man (no The) by Ralph Ellison. In it, the main character argues that he is invisible,not because you can see through him, but because most people label him and see nothing but their preconcieved notions of what he is. How often do we do that? In my communications class, this is called totalizing someone, or basically expecting something of someone based on previous experience with them. But if there's no previous experience, is it necessarily right to totalize a person? Of course, I can always get into what I mean by right, but its kinduva inherent meaning here ya know? Of course, its all easy to say and think about, but I doubt that I'll ever really stop being so self consumed that I don't care about everyone. You know, if you look even deeper into this, you realize that we don't even care to think about people we're not acquainted with even to acknowledge their existence, imagine dying for people who aren't even born. Yet, that's been done, and somehow we take that for granted. Oh well, feel free to spit some intelligence on this page. I'm off to amuse myself elsewhere.

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