Thursday, September 25, 2003

Okay, don't get used to this. I'm sure by the time the novelty wears off, this blog will be more neglected than my actual journal. Its somewhere between the dust and floor. I guess that means my room needs cleaning. . .nah. So anyway, my thoughts at this moment have somewhat expanded, and I figured I'd grace you with a interesting thought on the Big Spring Jam. For my non-Huntsville (i.e. non-urban) brethren and uh. . .sestren, the BSJ is a huge music concert that lasts all weekend long. In the past, such groups as the Gin Blossoms, Incubus, Filter (NO SHOW!!), that band that starts with a D (which would be a cool name for a band), Hoobastank, Two Skeevie J's, and Saliva (the first concert I had to step out on. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?) While that's a not so star studded line up, you should see the line up for this weekend, which is the BSJ weekend incidentally. Seether'll be here. So will EverClear, and then, get this: Hootie and the Blowfish. Whoohooo. And the Gap Band. That's worth seeing honestly. So I'll not be going to any of the BSJ this weekend, UNLESS Jeremy's idea of going there and doing a tribute show to Wesley Willis, the greatest schizophrenic music artist ever (yes better than Whitney Houston and Diana Ross) who passed away this past month. If you've not heard him, my friend, you've not lived. Well, I'm sure you've lived, but not very well. Okay maybe well. Anyway, this Friday will be when all the talent hits the fan, since we'll be making a video like no other. If you've not seen the videos you should. Bear in mind, we're trained professionals. There's been a slight, no, a huge challenge made by some people with the weirdest concept of funny known to man. Well, maybe not the weirdest by definitely the most defunct, if nothing else. I guess I should keep this nice and short, so I'll be a going. Take it easy ladies and gents.

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