Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Oh yeah, I guess I should talk about what exactly I did today. Well, the day started out quite well with a bit of pool, which by the way I sucked at horribly. You'd think the game of pool would be a simple thing. Really, nothing is simple when you actually take the time to think about. There's so much complexity to everything in life. You can take anything and make it complex. And often times I do. But on the plus side, I did win a game or two, actually since people can't seem to itch right at the end of the game, they end up scratching on the eight ball. And I've officially forgottne how to spell scratch. That's some incredible stuff. Also I had a test today. Total coolness, I think I ripped it apart, which in retrospect means I flunked. Oh well, I guess that means I gotta wait till I get the test back. ALSO!! I found out I could be an intern today!! That'd be cool, doing research in my field. I gotta speak with my professor, but if she says yes, Dr. Rountree (the head of the Communications department) said he'd waive the 15 credit hour requirement. So totally SCHWAY!!(translation: cool) Anyway, later dudes and dudettes.

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