Thursday, September 25, 2003

Well, here I am at the computer lab, feeling more insignificant. Believe or not, well actually believe it, the comps here are four to five times better than the one at home. Not to down the computer lab or anything, but last time I was here, I got to gloat about the fact that I could do things faster at home. Well no more gloating for me. Why am I in the computer lab on campus? Good question. You should ask more. Actually, on the second thought, just keep quiet. I'm killing time since my class ended earlier than normal, i.e. I left cause I didn't want to paint anymore. I swear, if I see any more paint in my life time, it'll be too soon. Also, I wanted to update my blog, like the cool genius I am. So what's shaking? My wrists from carpal tunnel syndrome. Man, this is getting to be tasking on the hands. So want a random thought? Of course you do, so here's my random thought of the day. At what point do people realize that having a song for a ring on a cell phone will never be original again? Just because you have some song that no one else has (in your area) doesn't make you original. Creative? Nope. Its all good really, just bear in mind that you're going to be unique, just like everyone else. Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta find a cooler song for my cell phone to play.

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