Tuesday, September 30, 2003

The legal system of America is a joke. I just realized that my ticket only costs 40 bucks. Not so bad huh? But they tack on $114 in court costs. So I ended up shelling out, or at least I would have, 154 bones. That's not cool. That's not cool at all. In fact, its probably the antithesis of everything that I hold as being cool. And that really sucks for those people not wearing seat belts, because its like 124 bucks just to set thing straight. Of course, as idiotic as America's legal system is, the people who are under it are much more so. One guy got a ticket for driving without a license. That's about 130 dollars, but get this, he doesn't pay it, and he doesn't go to court on the date set for him. So there was a warrant out for his arrest, because at this point he was a major threat to the general society. How did I know that? He was in the courtroom with ankle bracelets and an orange jumpsuit. That's right ladies and gentlemen, he went to jail. Over not driving with his license. Just go to court, contest it, and say that you'd lost it, but had it. They'll let you go, I know they will because I had to watch twenty of those stupid cases. Anyway, the judge said my name wrong. And I had thoughts of how long you would live if you attacked the judge. You know, before the state troopers restrained you or gunned you down. That was my random thought of the day. My deep thought today? Well, lets just say I had many, but none of which I think should be shared. I did wonder more on the thoughts of the past. But I guess ultimately, I failed to bring you the deepness you desire. And for that, I apologize. Maybe tomorrow, I'll have something for you.

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