Saturday, September 27, 2003

Man. This weekend was incredible. I'll not dish the entire details, but I saw Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk, and two other guys in tights. Come October, there'll be quite a few silenced people from Long Island. Coincidentally, at the the end of this post, or sometime in the future, I'll put up the lyrics to Long Island Is The Coolest Island (East Of New York), done by my good friends, Jerm and Juice. But enough jibba jabba. I do not have time for jibba jabba. Actually, I was thinking tonight about love. Yeah, I know, I try to avoid this subject for the time being, but really I was more or less concerned with the dynamics, if you will, of the human romantical relationship. Of course, its interpersonal, but what exactly determines the "start" of romance? At what point does a relationship between a male and a female become an involvement? Is it commitment from either or both parties? My reasoning for this comes from, of course, personal experience. I don't want to give too much away, since this is pretty incriminating, but lets just say, someone I used to know, and always thought of as being a good friend, almost like a baby sister, I ran into the other day, and I remember being blown away at how beautiful she'd become. Not just physically beautiful, that's not enough to blow a person away, but in how beautiful she'd become as a person. I think everyone has some beauty in them, just the way that personalities interact and respond with each other is a beautiful thing in itself, but what struck me about her, is she'd matured so much as a person, as an entity. Seeing her without the facade that high school and immaturity places upon us all really made think. Of course, I don't think she saw me the same way, honestly,because that's the way my life seems to go. Not saying that my life isn't great, but that is the general story of my life, I'm a loser, I see beauty, and when it sees me, it takes a wide berth around me, and ends up somewhere else. But that's getting off of the beating path. My point is, what makes me think, or feel something, but not someone else? Why am I writing pages about this one girl, and she's probably not even thinking about me right now? I guess if I could understand that and bottle it, I'd be rich. Maybe she'd notice me then. . .but probably not. Anyway, feel free to leave your thoughts, and don't worry, I'm not "smitten", or pining away for the unattainable. I'm just thinking.

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