Thursday, July 15, 2004

Reality T.V. isn't really reality. I know I know, you've heard this entire argument before, but seriously, reality TV isn't very real. When's the last time you've seen seven people move into one house together and not all work a job? Of course, in saying that reality TV is no good, I'm also somehow saying that there is good television out there. Wrong. Television in general, is the worse bilk ever invented. I don't know what the initial purpose behind putting togther those transistors and electron tubes was, but in all honesty, I think the inventor of the television would be sickened if he saw the application today. His invention is used to convey the thoughts and ideas of about ten men into the minds of millions of people, really into the mind of the world. A method of complete propaganda and mass control. And yet, we tune in each week to find out what will happen, when we know that nothing will happen that will be of any value to us. Those of you who watch shows on a regular basis, like 24, Alias, or maybe even ER, you should know that its all just 20 minutes of melodrama so that you'll watch the 10 minutes of advertising. Watch that advertising, and while you might not remember what happened on your show in about three weeks, you will have exposed yourself to enough advertising that when you go to the store, or when its time to get a new car, you'll start having slogans fly through your brain, instructing you what to buy, how to spend the money that you worked so hard for, and even WHERE you should spend it. And if you've not noticed, I'm not exactly down with that. Of course, there are people who would call me weird, not only call me weird, but label me as paranoid, overreacting, or even as just being a recluse, because I don't want to watch television till my brain falls out. Oh well. Its never bothered me to be called weird before, and I don't think it'll start bothering me now.

Anyway, here's the music of the day, I post this because it makes me want to pull out my laser watch and dance. Yes, that is quite pathetic. But I'll do it anyway. Here's the incredible mp3 of the day. By the by, best quote in the song:
James Bond: Do you expect me to talk?
Villian: No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die!
James Bond Theme Remix - Moby

My mood?

I could be a secret agent. . .

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