Thursday, July 29, 2004

I'm convinced that the best remedy for all problems is sleep. Not feeling so great? Take a nap. Sleep makes you feel better. Maybe its a truth for me since a lot of my problems come from a lack of sleep. So apparently, I need more sleep. Well yesterday saw that sleep happen. I slept for about 15 hours yesterday. That's right, 15 hours. I went to bed at five in the evening, and I didn't wake up again till eight in the morning. Eight o'clock, AM. That's a lot of sleep. And I feel great. There's nothing better, I tell you. Nothing. I did no thinking, since, obviously, I was sleep, so I'll have to have a short blog today. Either way, thanks for stopping and you get a cool mp3 for coming by.

What could ever be the cool mp3 that Javann is no doubt superficially referencing? Well this cool mp3 is cooler than cool, in fact, its ice cold, and what makes it so cool? Well, its a total remix of the X-files theme. Have you ever heard that theme and thought, man it need to be toned down and have some really good drums? No? Well listen to this and you will. The X Files Theme - Dust Brothers

My mood?

There's no way I'd eat that. Yet Canadians do all the time. Its called poutine.

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