Tuesday, July 13, 2004

So. Today. Yes, it is today. I've actually got nothing to say for today. I'm kinda tired, and honestly, that's just the way things go for me. My car's still in the shop for those of you wanting to know about that, and for those who don't, I'm sorry I wasted so much of your time. Anyway, I guess the real thing to keep in mind here, is that there's nothing better than a well scheduled week. Of course, I wouldn't know, since my week isn't even remotely scheduled, let alone well. Enough random babbling, here's the song for the day. Or should I say. . .songs for the day? I should since there are two. Rejoice.

The first is from the Blade 2 soundtrack. Horrid movie, awesome song. Its from the trip-hoppers Massive Attack, in a collabo with Mos Def, who if you ask me, is 1/2 of the greatest pairing in rap right now. Either way, the song's a good song. The other song is by the Beastie Boys, one that was inspired by the conversation we had about drinking after the book study. Apparently, there are quite a few fans of Brass Monkey. It is a funky monkey. Enjoy.

I Against I - Mos Def & Massive Attack

Brass Monkey - Beastie Boys

My mood?

Recycling is our friend. . .

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