Friday, July 09, 2004

Friday. The day of Fri. I encourage all to enjoy a fried chicken meal from Popeye's. Be sure to give them my name as a reference. Because I like getting free stuff. Huh? Exactly. Anyway, since this is Friday, and I promise not to think deep thoughts, I'll leave the deep thoughts up to my guest for mp3's, Jon. Here he is.

Thanks Javester. On the very first CD I ever bought - Blur's The Great Escape - shortly after inheriting my first CD player, was this song, The Universal. It spoke to me. It said something along the lines of, "Hey what's up, this is music. You should listen to more of it, poser." Beautiful in simplicity and awesonimity, this song is so amazing it has never once gotten old to me over the past 7 years of my knowing if its existence and if anything it has only grown more potent and powerful. Because of me loving this song, I came to love the rest of this album, and then my love for this album expanded to include every other Blur album, and then I begin searching for more bands and eventually I had developed actual musical tastes. I saw Blur live twice last year, and to my utter joy, they played this song at the second show I attended. It was an awesome night because I had wanted to see them for years and years but never could because they began staying away from the USA tour-wise. Not only that, but Graham Coxen, Blur's (former) guitarist, was the single player that influenced me to start playing guitar myself. All this stemming from this one song. Rule.

Nice Jon. Here's the mp3.
The Universal - Blur

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