Sunday, July 11, 2004

She was everything I'd ever dreamed,
a flame that seemed,
destined to burn forever,
whether, or not she said never,
make my worldplay clever.
Like can I introduce you,
induce you and seduce you,
with my lyrical praise, for days,
of your feminine ways.
Everytime you smile, you light up the room,
make my heart go boom,
like subwoofers camping 200 watts of surround sound,
and when I feel the pound,
of the conga drums when you walk,
I drool when you talk,
about thermonuclear devices.
You could tempt the righteous,
but you chose to tempt me?
I used to be so empty,
now i'm full with the feeling,
of how we were chilling,
I'm not dealing,
with this thought,
you're so homemade and never store bought.
or packaged shipped for entertainment.
You could be edutainment,
because I learn more about me,
everytime I'm with thee,
thou those thy,
I don't care about why,
whenever you walk by,
you make a me wipe a tear from my eye.
Poured into those jeans,
with half a can of Crisco if you know what I mean.
I could go on, but I gotta stay clean.
My imagination,
fueled by infuation,
crashes like the economy during a stagflation.
Your situation,
is constantly me hating,
with a side of never forgive.
Enough to make me want to live,
because at least you know i exist.
Don't get sympathetic,
I'm pathetic,
and being with you would be bad for my credit.
And though this needs a slight edit,
I roll back, close my eyes and try to forget it.
Bat the dawn of another day,
she simply will no go away.
She's not going away.

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