Wednesday, July 14, 2004

So last night I was watching Sixteen Candles on AMC. First, that movie is the worst example of teen life I've ever see in my life, secondly, the movie was really really poorly acted by everyone who appeared in it, and whoever casted the 30 year old teen actors are officially the most out of touch people who've ever lived. That being said, I didn't finish watching the movie because it was pretty crappy, but what I did see was the part where the main character played by Molly Ringwald (which sounds like a bad disease really) is talking about how much she likes Jake Ryan. And I remember thinking to myself, what's so great about him, other than the macho man. And he was with some blonde girl who obviously thought him to be the most incredible piece of human flesh in the room, and he's got NO personality. He's really just a male model in a plaid 80's shirt. So I'm thinking, what exactly makes him such the catch? Obviously its physical, and barring the fact he looked old enough to be the father of a at least a 10 year old, women found him attractive. What was it? Why is he such an attractive person? What makes an attractive person anyway, male or female. Some arguments are that mathematically we are drawn to certain types of people. For instance, I read this article that talked about ratios. For instance the ratio for deviation in width between Marilyn Monroe's waist and hips was about 15%. She was considered to be beautiful. The majority of the women considered to be beautiful by todays standards, while not the same size as Marilyn Monroe (she was a healthy gal who didn't skip meals) have that same ratio within 15% to 20%. So is that what defines beauty? And really this doesn't apply to men. Not that it matters, because the standard of beauty for men is changing very quickly. It used to be that men were supposed to be manly, kind of slovenly, and very brooding and quiet. That used to be the thing. Now guys are supposed to be clean, neat, thin, and somewhat talkative, while not really expressive about emotions, at least be funny. What next? Should I have to talk? Lord forbid that. Okay that was a bit sarcastic, but that's kind of my point. The fluctuating values of our society make it difficult to conform. For all the people who do, I always wonder who much time they spend assimilating themselves to the culture. It can't easy to do. I also read another article that said basically symmetry is the definition of beauty. Which makes sense somewhat. Either way, I've now grown bored with this subject, so I leave you with the opportunity to delve into one of Lewis Carroll's classics more deeply than you may have wanted to. Let me know what you are!

Chesire Cat

So what song do I have for you today, my pretties? Well, lets just say, its time you expanded your minds a bit, got a little funk in your ears coming out your speakers and into the brain. That's right. Soulful funk. Funky soul. Call it what you will, but you will enjoy it. Why? Because I command it. Anyway, here's the potentially good goodness.
Give Me The Night - George Benson

My mood?

There's no way I'm a Cheshire cat. . .

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