Thursday, July 01, 2004

You've left and now I have to live with myself,
And I'll never feel like this about anyone else.
I've got so many thing to regret,
that I wish I could just drink and forget.
I feel so ashamed about my mistakes when I sit back to count em,
so many regrets it take more than just alcohol to drown em.
I'd have to put holes in my chest,
and forget my problems by stopping my breath.
Either way I'm still sitting here digging this grave,
for the one thing in my life I wish to God I could save.
I took you for granted, I treated you just like a slave,
I don't know how you took it so long, I would've quit in two days.
By the time I realized, I guess it was too late,
That night when you said it was over, I just hoped and I prayed,
that my blindness wasn't a result of my ways.
You see I felt like this once and she ripped out my heart.
I'm not trying to justify but right from the start,
you were so perfect I'd wish and hope it'd die,
so whenever things were smooth I wouldn't even try.
But now at night I dream about us and I cry,
I may put on a front when you see me around all our friends,
because I gotta keep up the appearance that I'm a man.
But I'm not, I just a boy who's lost his whole world,
a hope that he tied up in this girl,
She was perfect in so many ways he just couldn't see,
that when I disrespected you, I was disrespecting me.
But now its over, this is seen all over my shoulder,
and it looks like this thing is getting colder and colder.
Its all my fault and I know as I get older,
the mistakes I make are are no good if I don't learn,
to seek wisdom from my follies and start to discern.
I made my mistakes and now I move on,
I guess its really a new twist on an old song.

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