Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Bad news everybody. I'm officially military. That's right. I'm in the army now.

No not really, but were you at least a bit shocked? I know, I know, its totally unfair that you believe what you just read, but seriously, I am military.

Military in my discipline I mean. I went to Samuel Walden's Market last night at about 11:30. I had just left my friend Metro's place, after one of the most offensive games of football I've ever seen, (I think 99 points between the two of us. And about 50 of those was in the first quarter) and I was starving. I'd just ran two miles (well, close to two miles, I was two laps off on a sixth mile track, so 1 2/3 mile) and of course, my metabolism was up. I'd stopped off at Walden's Market (i.e. Walmart, I just prefer to call it Walden's Market) to grab some eggs, the eggs that I told my mother I'd buy. Ironically enough, I don't eat eggs anymore. But I bought a fresh pack for my mother.

Either way, I went through the hard sale aisle. Or is it hard sell? Perhaps its both, the point of the matter being, it was food. Food that Javann shouldn't eat. Cakes, danishes, sweets, steak rolls, all things I used to revel in really about two weeks ago. I have never been the type to open packages at stores before I pay for them (RocketBoy can attest to this) but I wanted to rip open a package of doughnuts right there and send them to Davy Jones's locker. Well, actually, Javann Jones's locker, i.e. my stomach.

The impressive part of this little spiel is, I didn't. I didn't buy the stuff I wanted to. It really hit home with me, when as I stood in line, which by the way, was the longest line I've ever seen on any given night at Walden's market. Its like every person in the store decided they wanted to purchase their particular shopping cart full of small items and particulars right when I touched the eggs. The stampede must have shaken the whole store. Its a shame I missed it.

But as you can tell, I'm walking around my point. There it was. A candy bar. One I'd never had, in a shiny red wrapper. I figured, hey, I have fingers bigger than this thing, what the heck could be wrong with it. And it even has pretzels in it. Pretzels are healthy. In a moment of weakness, I picked it up. By now, I'm sure you're gasping and thinking, "but Javann, what about your military discipline?" Don't worry, after read the calories on that thing, I put it down and decided to go home to some meatless chicken nuggets. I found a baked potato that had been sitting for a few hours (the best way to eat a baked potato whole and unadulterated, after its sat unrefrigerated for at least two hours) and after finding the barbecue sauce, I had a candy bar. Well not a literal candy bar, but I had the same amount of calories as that candy bar had. Somewhere around 200, maybe a bit more than 200 per se', but the beauty is: I went to bed full. And I don't have cavities.

Also on the Javann weight update, I've lost ten pounds, and now I'm trying to lose even more. Health insurance, here I come!

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