Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I've always been against making my life a spectacle. I know, I know, I have a blog, so to some extent, I put my life on display for the entertainment, nay, the perusal of others. However, I don't think one should share everything with everyone. For instance, the new show, Celebrity Fit Club. I'd be inclined not to share a thing like that. Losing weight, getting into shape, that's a thing that should be done personally.

However, as I'm sure the rest of us will attest to, sometimes it takes telling the world to give motivation. It seems that having people know that you're dieting, or trying to be healthier even helps motivate you to be achieve your goals.

My point? Well, I learned recently that I can't get health insurance until I weigh 264 pounds. Well guess what? I weight 290. That's right, I am roughly thirty pounds over the healthy limit, in fact, I'm thirty over the INSURABLE weight limit, and that in itself makes me angry and maybe determined to drop the weight. The beauty of the whole thing is, I have about a month to do so. That's right. And not any month, but the month of February. Excellent. I like a challenge as much as the next man, but this one, well, lets just say I don't know if I can make this. And that's why I'm sharing. Hopefully if I tell people my goal, they will deride me or encourage me.

"But Javann, why would you want someone to deride you?" Because I'm intensely competitive and if you think I can't do something, I often feel the need to do it because you think I can't. But feel free to encourage me. Or whatever. All I know is I gotta get some health insurance, even if it kills me.

The true irony here is, if I happen to pass out from overexhaustion or malnutrition before I weigh 264 or less, I can't afford to go the hospital. I'd call this an impoverished state, but really, its not.

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