Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I am. . .somebody. . .say I am. . .somebody

Every weekend that I spend without sleep, I feel great. However, during the week, there'll come a day when I must pay for my sleep transgressions. And that day, this week, was yesterday. I fell asleep at four in the afternoon, and I woke up this morning to my alarm clock going off. Yes my friends, I slept for fourteen hours. To throw this into perspective, lets find somethings that I could do for fourteen hours.
I could. . .
-watch four football games, and one basketball game.
-watch an infant get his entire days rest.
-drive from here to Richmond, Virginia and then eat dinner
-fly from here to Portugal
-work a full twelve hours shift then watch some T.V.
-have washed my car, finished my laundry, wrote my blog, ate dinner, lounged around and watched T.V. and then go to bed and get up and put my contacts in

So really, I could have done a lot more with that used time, but I do feel really good right now, and it does add to the legacy that is Javann's sleeping abilities, so I'll just take the disappearance of my fourteen hours.

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