Thursday, February 03, 2005

I'm crazy for that lady/She's chic but she's not shady/Sophisticated lady
And she makes me feel good/She's so fine

So I found this site. Its devoted to exposing new artists and independent small label acts to the world, via the saviour of such things, the internet. I had a blast cruising through it, downloading mp3s at will, and hearing new sounds and stuff. The site you ask? Awesome site. I suggest you browse when you get the chance. You won't find a ton of stuff that you like, but you might find one good independent band. And that in itself is well worth it, is it not?

Here's a song I found. Its decent, though a bit long winded.
Black Diamond - The Mirror Boys

My mood?

I'm so fresh, you can smell me through a ziploc. . .

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