Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Not much to say really. Things are going as things go. Don't get me wrong, I've got a lot to say, because I've been thinking quite a bit, but I really don't want to say everything I want to.

I look forward to the movie Hitch coming out. I don't think women truly understand the stress related to being a guy. Oh sure, we may not give birth, or carry children, or even clean up after ourselves. And yeah, we're late, and much less meticulous when it comes to oh just about everything, let me tell you. Its all made up for during the course of dating. Everything that we don't stress about suddenly comes back to destroy us.

Because every man thinks he is "smooth", or that no woman can resist him when he's working the charm. Well with the exception of a few who are indeed very smooth because they don't think they are. But that's neither here nor there. Basically, what happens is every man who thinks he is "smooth" invariably finds out he is sandpaper. EVERY man, regardless of who we're talking about has had this happen to him in the most painful way possible. As far as I know, women don't have that problem. I think its because they get better training from their mothers on how NOT to be idiots, whereas boys, we get trained by our fathers. And come on, we all know our fathers are the world's most inept men, and we often wonder how they managed to get married. At least I do.

So to make a somewhat candid blog short, understand that men we have it tough. Watch Hitch and realize, that every guy laughing in that audience is laughing not because it's not true, but because if they don't laugh, you'll know it is.

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