Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I guess I'm just the bomb diggity om. Yep, that would be the best description of me. So here's a slight update on all that hoorah about personality types. In a desperate attempt to understand me, Jerm broke out his personality type book, Please Understand Me II and low and behold, it was discovered that I'm not a Healer. I'd be a healer if I kept my mouth shut. Unfortunately those who know me know that's not a possibility so its been discovered that I'm a Champion. What is a champion? Well its an extroverted Healer apparently. Feel free to click the link if you want to know more, because I'm seriously not the one to tell you the specifics. Though I have to admit, the healer did strike me as being dead on. Either way, we learned that Jerm is a Provider, which me and ReG both agreed was very much him. As I've pointed out, in the past two years, Jeremy's fed me more than my parents have. That explains my desire to eat his food, since he is a provider, I feel the need to be provided for. . .right. And what about ReG? What did he turn out to be? Well, ReG is a Composer and after reading the description of composer, me and Jerm thought that fit him pretty well. So what really was accomplished here? Well, we all learned a valuable lesson. I learned that I can drive and take a personality test at the same time without killing anyone. I also learned that Jeremy doesn't understand me at all. But ReG did. And my friends have described me as the nicest mean person they know. AH well, such is personality. But wait, I promised pictures didn't I? Well too bad there are no picture to be had.

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