Thursday, January 01, 2004

Well, once again time is of the essence so I will make this as condensed and yet entertaining as I possibly can. Yesterday, or I should say last night, was one of interestingly unepic proportions, I went to see Paycheck, an interesting movie to say the least which brings up the age old time argument that if you can see the future, and then react to said future, then you alter the future, meaning you never saw the future that caused you to alter it, which means you never would have altered the future, which means whatever you sought to change, didn't. Okay, that haven't been done, I also spend the better half of last night in a fast food restaurant, hoping to get my hands on those tasty Krystal's (and they are tasty) and quelch my ever grumbling stomach. So I went inside, since the drive through line was several cars long, and since I don't mind using my legs, considering I'm getting ready to eat enough glycogen(not sure what glycogen is) to drop a third world country. That made no sense, but in the long run, I went inside at about 1:01. As I waited I begin to realize a horrible truth. The line for food was longer inside than outside. My ticket was number 133. The ticket I heard called next was 125. And they were moving em out at least a ticket every ten minutes. I also noticed there were a lot of people complaining about the wait. Maybe its just me, but my patience isn't renowned throughout the land. But the funny thing is, I can wait for long periods of time for food, or something I want, when my patience with the people in the store quickly ran thin. I spent the better part of the night, wanting to tell the loudmouthed little girl with too much liquor in her system to shut up, as well as remind her that waiting 20 minutes for food isn't going to kill her. It was one of those loud people that feel the need to utter loud expletives and then when offered to have her receipt exchanged for her money back, she declined it, because she "likes the food too much". I could go on for days, but as mentioned at the outset, my time is limited, suffice it to say, I learned a lot about people in that twenty minutes, one thing being that the majority of people are intolerably impatient. Of course, there's nothing I can do about it. Enjoy your year.

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